Retaining Walls

Concrete retaining walls are designed and used to provide lateral support for soil.

Their exact use can be for a variety of different things. If you are interested in our concrete retaining walls service then you can contact us to find out if it is the best fit for your particular project. They are mostly used in garden spaces where there are changes in elevation or in between basements and the soil outside. The walls can help to prevent the soil from moving and from causing damage to other areas on your property. Our company provides you with affordable services and amazing results.

Changes in Elevation

Changes in elevation can occur throughout your garden and in between your garden and another area such as a footpath or a patio. In order to protect these other areas, you may want to choose a concrete retaining wall. Concrete is a hard and durable material that is frequently chosen for use in a range of outdoor building projects thanks to its long-lasting and difficult to damage nature. If you are looking to ensure that soil is kept separated from areas like your patio or footpaths then we can help you to achieve this with our excellent concrete retaining walls.

Basement Walls

Concrete retaining walls are a popular choice for separating soil from basements. It can help to protect your property from the lateral movement of soil for a very low cost. Concrete is low-maintenance and will not require you to frequently work or spend money on it. It will help to protect your basement and your home for many years to come without causing you any undue stress or worry. It is a highly reliable material to use and will help to protect your home. Concrete retaining walls are also easy and fast to install when you choose our expert services.


Concrete is well-known for being a cheap building material. Concrete retaining walls are therefore also a very affordable option. Additionally, concrete is very durable and it grows even harder with time. You won’t have to worry about the costs of regular maintenance either because concrete walls require very little maintenance. Once you have had your walls installed they will stay as they are for a very long time. Our concrete specialists will help to ensure this by securely installing and fitting your wall so that it is in less danger of moving because of factors like soil erosion. Concrete is a very cost-effective choice.


If you have a concrete retaining wall that you wish to have removed, replaced or repaired then let Pro Concrete Gold Coast assist you. We have been working with concrete and on concrete retaining walls for many years and have the expertise to provide you with a wealth of knowledge and practical help. If you are looking to have your retaining wall removed or replaced then contact us. We have all of the necessary tools and expertise to skillfully remove your current wall. Concrete cutting and core holes are part of the specialist process we use for the best full and partial removal of concrete.

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