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Pro Concrete Gold Coast is here to help you with all of your concrete needs. Concrete is an excellent choice for many different building projects. If you are considering using concrete in a project because of its many benefits then allow our experts to provide you with excellent assistance. Concrete can be used to fulfil a variety of purposes and we will ensure that your project is a success. It is vital that you have professional help when using concrete. Its weight and the speed at which it dries mean that for the best results you should use people with the right knowledge, tools, and expertise.

About Us

We are the number one Gold Coast Concreter in the city. You can rely on us to provide you with unbeatable services at affordable prices. Our company prides itself on putting our customers and their needs first. We have designed all of our services so that they are a better fit for you and so that they can provide you with the results that you have been searching for. Our team has been well trained and have been working with concrete for many years. Their experience and expertise mean that they are able to offer skilful assistance with a wide range of concrete services.

Our Services

Pro Concrete Gold Coast has the best selection of concrete services in the area. All of our services have been designed with our customers in mind. We aim to offer you great concrete services that offer you consistently incredible results that you can depend on. Our company also works hard to ensure that our concrete services are cheap and offer our customers unbeatable prices. For the best Gold Coast Concreters and the best deals in the city, you should choose our services. We have many years of experience and can take on a wide range of challenges. No task is too difficult for us to tackle.

What Our Clients Say

“Pro Concrete Gold Coast is great! They provided us with an honest estimate of how much a concrete retaining wall in our garden would cost. The price was very fair and they completed the installation process quickly. Our garden was left clean and tidy and with a beautiful retaining wall.”

Steve I.

“A friend recommended Pro Concrete Gold Coast to help us with our concrete driveway. We talked over the phone and they were so helpful and got us booked in for an appointment right away. They recommended an exposed aggregate driveway for us and we couldn’t be happier with it.”

Jerry O.

“My husband and I have been looking at getting a patio installed. We were unsure of what to choose as many of the options we liked were stone and too expensive. Pro Concrete Gold Coast talked to us about stamped concrete patios and helped us to get a beautiful stone look patio that cost a fraction of the price of real stone.”

Helen D.

Gold Coast Concrete

Concrete Slab

Concrete slabs can be used in many different ways and for a variety of building projects. We offer our customers concrete house slabs which can be used to create a strong and reliable foundation for a property. We can also help you to create beautiful concrete steps and concrete footpaths. Concrete slabs for footpaths and steps can be made in several sizes and are generally easy to install and fast drying. Our team will help to ensure that you get amazing results.

Concrete Driveway

Concrete driveways are becoming more and more popular. They are cheap and easy to install. You can also find a wide range of concrete driveway options so you will be sure to find one that suits you. We have exposed aggregate driveways which are one of our most frequently requested options. Concrete is great for driveways because it can bear heavy weights and is durable. You can rely on us as your top Gold Coast Concreter and we will ensure that you get a sturdy driveway installed.

Concrete Finishes

For all of your concrete projects, it is important that you find just the right finish. Finishes can give your concrete very different appearances and can change its texture. Depending on what you are using your concrete for there are different finishes that may be more suitable. Epoxy concrete coatings are popular in industrial flooring projects and provide a smooth surface that is very resistant to damage. Concrete grinding and polishing will leave your concrete with a glossy finish. We can also offer a range of rough and patterned finishes.

Concrete Shed Slabs

Concrete shed slabs are a great choice for shed foundations. They are sturdy and reliable and incredibly long-lasting. Our team can help you to perfectly install concrete shed slab foundations. We have all of the necessary skills and equipment to work quickly and to provide you with unbeatable results. Concrete foundations help to bear considerable weight and provide an even surface on which your shed can be built. They also help to prevent water and vermin from getting into your shed.

Concrete Patios

Concrete patios are becoming increasingly popular. Concrete can be used to help you achieve many different looks. Most commonly our team creates patios that are made to replicate the appearance of materials like stone, brick, or wood. Concrete is a more affordable and long-lasting option than many of the materials it replicates. We can help you to get decorative concrete patios with our concrete stamping and staining expertise. Whatever you are looking for, we are here to help.

Retaining Walls

​Concrete retaining walls are used to stop the lateral movement of soil. Most often they are placed in gardens and in-between areas of soil and property. Retaining walls can help to prevent soil from affecting or damaging patios or basements. If your garden is sloped and you experience soil movement then this may be a great choice for you. We can also offer expert repairs, replacements, and removals with concrete cutting and core holes.

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You can rely on us to provide you with excellent concrete services that are affordable and fast. For a Gold Coast Concreter that you can rely on, choose Pro Concrete Gold Coast. We have a dedicated customer service team to ensure that you are completely supported throughout your time with us. If you would like any more information on any of the services that we offer then you can contact us to find out more. Our customer service representatives are very knowledgeable and can help you with tailored recommendations and advice. To speak directly with us you can reach us by phone or email.

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